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Bilingual Key Therapy provides accent reduction instruction in English or Spanish to people committed to success and empowers the confidence to speak in public by improving the clarity of the pronunciation.

What is having an Accent?

Everyone speaks with an accent! We all have specific and natural ways of pronouncing words, using peculiar vocabulary, and building grammatical structures that identify us with characteristics similar to other people who share the same geographical area. There is another kind of accent that can be acquired when people learn another language: the Foreign Accent.This last scenario makes the person go through a variety of situations that activates the process of introducing a new pronunciation, a novel vocabulary, different grammatical rules, as well as a new culture that demands its own manner of communication.  

The process of learning a foreign language can become a necessity for some individuals, either because the person moved to another country or because they are trying to increase their job opportunities within a national company, among other options. In any case, the process can be very stressful, especially if the person has a profession or occupation that requires great communication skills. Having a foreign accent can make the person feeling disappointed, embarrassed, and easily frustrated. These individuals may have the impression that they have been deprived to perform the job in which they are highly qualified. Being judged and underestimated by others plays an important role in losing their confidence to speak in public or solve basic problems over the phone as well as in person. In addition, the circle of social relations where they can speak and practice the foreign language becomes very small. Unfortunately, they often face the unpleasant barrier of a significant accent that can produce adverse financial and emotional consequences.

On the other hand, if you have an accent because you have learned a second language, you are among the growing percentage of the bilingual population that may increase professional and work opportunities. Anyone can have an accent regardless of their cultural background, education, age, or profession. You have the superpower of speaking two languages! There are strategies to help you improve the clarity of your pronunciation and increase the confidence you need to speak in front of others. You do not need therapy but guidance and instruction to enhance your communication skills. We are here to support you!

What benefits do you get when you let us coach you?

The accent modification/reduction course is a convenient tool that empowers you to achieve your dream.  Are you ready to prioritize the success of your professional career or occupation? We can help you obtain lasting and remarkable results that you can use whenever you need them. Contact our virtual listening clinic todayWe care because we have walked in your shoes, we appreciate your differences, and we will help you:

  • Improve your English or Spanish pronunciation.
  • Increase your confidence speaking in your second language.
  • Being understood by your co-workers, students, patients, clients, people of the congregation, etc.
  • Make an impact on your audience by delivering your message with authority.
  • Improve your leadership skills.
  • Increase your business opportunities and professional advancement.
  • Make a good impression during job interviews, presentations, and meetings.
  • Reduce your frustration or embarrassment feelings.
  • Enlarge the circle of your social relationships.
  • Learn the keywords to educate others about what it means to have an accent.
  • Enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills with people from a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Who are the candidates?

Consultative services are offered to foreign-born individuals who speak English or Spanish as their second language, are competent in vocabulary and grammar, and would like to improve their speech intelligibility for professional or school purposes. Potential candidates may be healthcare providers, professors, college students, managers, business owners, corporate leaders, clergies, among others (don’t exclude yourself if your profession/occupation is not listed).

Step-by-Step Method

We use the Compton PESL accent modification method and offer Personalized, In-Person and Worldwide Web-Based/Online, Training 1-on-1 or in groups of up to 5 participants.Complimentary technical support online or by phone will be provided when needed.

1. FREE screening in English or Spanish. The screening will help the instructor determine your pronunciation skills by listening to a recording that includes stimulus words, a short reading paragraph and one minute sample of your spontaneous speech.

2. The instructor will contact you to provide feedback regarding your accent and will give you information about the options in the program.

3. If accent reduction lessons are recommended, a bilingual speech and language pathologist will perform a formal initial evaluation of your pronunciation in English or Spanish, including an assessment interview, to determine a plan of action based on your personal needs. The intervention package will be selected in your best interest.

4. A bilingual speech-language pathologist will provide you with 1-hour lessons based on your personalized intervention program. Planned training lessons comprise the areas of auditory discrimination and accuracy of the pronunciation of consonants and vowels, stress, intonation, voice projection, use of figurative language, vocabulary, grammar, and non-verbal communication skills among others. Additionally, clients will receive assignments to be completed weekly.

5. A mid-term course report will be provided to the client or the client’s employer who is making the payments for the program.

6. Before the last session, a follow-up/final assessment will be performed. At the end of the program, measurable improvements and further recommendations will be discussed with each client.

7. The client will receive a Certificate of Completion and can schedule Free follow up/monitoring weekly sessions with the instructor through the same web-conferencing platform. Lifetime access to the web-based practice tools.

Package Options

PACKAGE #1 (Recommended): Includes 13 sessions of 1 hour during 13 weeks, distributed into 1-hour of initial assessment + 12-hour lessons, face-to-face or via web-conferencing platform. Follow-up/Monitoring services after completion of the program include 1 session of 15 minutes per week for the following 8 weeks directly with the instructor. Clients will have lifetime access to the web-based practice tools even after completion of the program.

PACKAGE #2 (Basic): Includes 7 sessions of 1 hour during 7 weeks, distributed into one hour of assessment + 6-hour lessons, face-to-face or via web-conferencing platform. Follow-up/Monitoring services after completion of the program include 1 session of 15 minutes per week for the following 4 weeks directly with the instructor. Clients will have lifetime access to the web-based practice tools even after completion of the program.

Your accent should not interfere with your communication abilities. Let us help you improve your pronunciation and confidence tspeak in public. If you have questions about the program Contact us!

Elizabeth Barrios MS, CCC-SLP
PESL Accent Modification Instructor