Easy Steps Billing Software (ESBS) is an innovative software designed to speed up the billing process for Early Steps providers. The system was created by a “distressed billing helper,” husband of a speech therapist who used his abilities as a programmer to help his wife simplify the billing process for Early Steps. Yes, we have walked in your shoes!

We felt your pain. If it works for us, it may also work for you.

Is ESBS accepted by Early Steps? We have been using the software in our office at Bilingual Key Therapy for over a year now, with very good comments from the Early Steps billing specialists in our headquarter’s office in Florida.

We are very pleased to hear wonderful comments from other providers using the system such as this one from a fellow SLP in South Florida: “It is amazing, life changing.”

How does it work?  ESBS is a very affordable software that uses all of the billing forms required by the state of Florida (Travel Log, IAR updated on 11/2019, and Invoice) to generate your monthly billing work automatically. 

Yes, you read right! You won’t need to spend hours calculating mileage, totals, or filling out forms.

It is guaranteed that your work will always come out neat and fast whether you:

  • Use ESBS as a direct user or,
  • You choose to hire us to do your monthly billing if you live in Florida.

You won’t need to take another day off to catch up on your billing. Instead, you can use this time to produce more income or just to enjoy your day off from work.

Now you have the choice to make your life easier while focusing on what really matters: Working hard with the children and their families to make sure they make progress one week at a time.

ESBS also helps you maintain the billing system organized for ALL your clients, even if they are not part of the Early Steps program.

Who can use it? ST, OT, PT, ITDS, and billers who use the same forms required by the state of Florida (Travel Log, IAR updated on 11/2019, and Invoice).

May I use it as a solo practitioner? :  Yes

May I include all the therapists in my clinic? : Yes

May I use it as an independent biller for Early Steps providers: Yes

What do I need to begin using the software?

  • A computer  with Windows 10-8 (No Apple computers at this moment).
  • Internet access
  • An email address
  • A phone number

Do I need to be computer savvy? Absolutely not! Don’t worry, you will become an expert in no time!

You can take advantage of the FREE 30 day trial to see if the system fits your business needs. We will provide you with all the necessary training and technical support free of cost during this time.

Payment options for direct users per month:

  • Solo practitioner $ 65.00 
  • Group: $60.00 for the first provider, $10.00 for each extra provider. 

Extra features you can activate later: ESBS also generates useful reports to help you maintain all your billing organized.

Report 1. Keeps track of payments, in between two dates, from any billing period. This report tracks pending payments individually per client or total pending payments, per dates of visit, and per primary or secondary payers.

Report 2. Produces a list of all your clients in alphabetical order, organized by date of birth, health insurance, insurance ID, and authorization period.

Did you already watch the video above to get an idea of how the system works?

Do you have more questions?

Are you ready to start using this affordable and easy to manage software to help you with your Early Steps billing?

CONTACT US  to arrange a date to meet you for a demonstration at our office or via virtual meeting.

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IT Analyst. Billing Manager @ Bilingual Key Therapy


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